Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The month of December has arrived. Hm~ Nothing much to express, to blog, to update actually. Life's like so *dots* when you've got nothing to do. Life's like so *tooot* when there's so much things happened around you and you are handling it all alone. Life's like so whatever when you wish and you need someone but someone is not beside you. Life is unpredictable. You won't know what will happen to you in the next second. But you need to be thankful and appreciate for the second that you have now.

I realised something. I found something. Don't ever done something that you'll make yourself regret. When there's something that you like, when there's something that you hope, go for it. Eventhough something that you think might impossible, who knows? At least you try, at least you give yourself a chance to find and discover the impossible things. Who knows miracle would happen? Who knows from impossible will become possible? No one knows but don't feel afraid to try it. Express yourself. Be yourself. Discover yourself. Give yourself a chance and give everyone and everything a chance.

Gee~ What am I blogging about? Did you all understand of what I'd blogged? Anyways, I'd enjoyed last night. I missed those times. Went out with Anne, JJK, Hooi, SoonPing, Chen, How and KhinSheng. It's really been a year since the last time we all get together, is it a year? Or just few months? Or more than a year? Ah~ Forget le lah~ (=.=)

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