Monday, August 06, 2007

Finally finished the presentation!! Now, is just the time to present only. Thank God that today is not our turn to present. But actually I was hoping to be the first to present. Well, now the second assignment needa be pass up next Monday!!! (>.<) But luckily it’s also a group assignment. Like this the burden won’t be so much… =D

Today suppose to be a busy day. But the lecturer was unable to come so I’m kinda free. That’s why you can see me updating now~ =P Something to share with everyone actually. The logic maths lecturer thought us this today…

Let’s see the following statement…

Can you all see the issue here? Hmm… Suppose the first statement is correct. But as you continue to solve the problem… 1 = -1?!!!! It’s impossible right? 1 and -1 is impossible to be the same right?!

So, where could it possible to be the problem? Anyone knows?

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