Pesta Mahligai

Saturday, August 18, 2007

A Mahligai Feast was organized by the School of Science and Technology, SST, few days ago. It was on the 14 -16th August. In this feast, the courses for SST, including Maths & Econ (ME), Maths & Computer Graphic (MCG), Geology, Biotech, Science Marine, Chemistry Industry etc. prepared their own stalls where there's lotsa stuffs to see and games to play with. There's even a DOTA competition going in there too!!!

Well, it's some sort like a science fair like that. One special thing is that in this feast, you get to see those living and preserved things like this...

Besides those fair, competitions, there are shows going on too. The blood donation and also the Hair-Cutting/Hairdressing show going on too. This pro cut one of the students hair for free and she also consulted those who wants to get their hair dyed.

I don't know why this feast called Mahligai and I also don't even know what does this Mahligai means. If anyone know, tell me ya. =) Hmm~ This morning had my Japanese Mid-term Exam!! Thank God it was not so hard and not very easy too. Just ok ok~ =) Yesterday also had my Maths 1 test. (>.<) Actually many tests and assignments coming soon again~ So, must kampateh ne!!!!

As for my course mates pictures all those, specially the leng luis whom Ah Bui longing for so much. Hmm~ Let me think about it first whether wanna post it up or not first. Needa ask permission first. And if they don't allow I also can't help much. Plus, see scenery is ok enough liao la. Don't expect too much!!! =P But below here is a picture of me and one of my ex-roommate, present neighbour, my course mate and also my friend, Kai Li.

Me and Kai Li

Last thing before I end this post, Danson's First Album released yesterday in Taiwan and will be released in Malaysia on the 23!!! Must go support!! =D

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