Monday, August 13, 2007

Yesterday was the longest haircut I'd ever cut in my life!!! I spent RM7 for my haircut including washing. That's cheap eh? But guess how long did I spent to sit there for them to finish cutting my hair?! 2 HOURS!!! DAMN LONG 2 HOURS!!! Celaka you know. Those are the very-not-lihai trainee who did the cuttings. It's a guy for your information. That guy cut my hair like.. DUH.. TORTOISE la!!!

I sat there for about like 1 hour plus till I can't stand it and inform the other person that I'm in a hurry can please faster?! Then, the more pro came and cut my hair and makes my hair turns to be like this...

Thank God that I did the right decision for telling them that I'm in a hurry. If not, I donno what will happen to my hair? Maybe they'll transfer me become like a king kong instead?! =P

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