Patriotic Song Competition

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Last Sunday, 19 August, was the finale for the patriotic song competition which was held in the Resital Hall, UMS. Yeap~ UMS is the host for the patriotic song competition this year. 15 out of 30 among the whole Malaysia's university get into the finale.

A lot of students and outsiders came to watch the competition which is located in this small Resital Hall. I wonder why they don't want to organize it in the Canselor Hall where it can fit more people? Ok, don't care about that first. The competition overall was ok ok for me. The orchestra was nice and nice and nice~ =) Some of the contestants voice are nice but just that they sang to soft till the orchestra's melody overcomes the contestant's voice.

After the 15 finalist sang their patriotic song, there's this opening ceremony for the "Bulan Merdeka" where this year Malaysia is going to celebrate the 50 years Independence Day. After the opening ceremony the flag giving to all the school decants and the hostels's head, the result was announced. I forgot who won the 2nd-runner up and 1st runner-up, but all I know the champion won by UMS~ =) Where the champion got RM3,000 and trophy, 1st runner up got RM2,000 and trophy, 2nd runner up got RM1,000 and trophy while each contestants got RM200 for participating (If I'm not mistaken la~)

Ok. Guess that's all for this little happenings post today. Lastly, uploaded the short clip I recorded last Sunday during the competition. The contestant is from UMS =) Enjoy and take care~

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