Happy Belated Birthday Wish

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Yesterday was my buddy's birthday, Maureen!!! Was supposed to post this post yesterday but due to the sot-ness of the wireless line here, this post is post today. =) Well, Happy 20th Birthday, Maureen ah moi. Knew her when I was in Form One till now. Always hang out together when we're in Form 4 & 5 with Anne, Rena and also Kynan too!! Miss those days. She's now in UPSI for her 'pendidikan' studies. So next time, our future kids will be taught by her!!! =D

This post is dedicated to my buddy, Maureen. Happy 20th Birthday to you Maureen!!! Wish you all the best in everything and I Miss You~ Looking forward to meet you again ya moi~ God Bless~

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