Sri Mawar Primary School

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Brought the kindergarten Level 3's students to the primary school for a short visitation, as I can say. Gee~ It's been a very long time... as in really long time... Maybe around 7-8 years since I last stepped into that school? Yeah~ Roughly like that.

So, my feeling was like.. Hm~ Wondering will some of my teachers still remembers me? And how's the school will be like now? Something really disappointed me after I stepped into that school today.

First, the school's building. Ok~ It's like the school is actually a very RICH school cause the students pays ALOT for the school fee. And look at what the school is like?! Uh~ So damn old!! Why don't they have a renovation or what? I see liao also... (-.-'') If me, I rather study in St. Joseph Primary School than this school. Gee~ So stingy.. or in other word.. LOKEK chin chin!!! But at least this school's toilets is very clean.. =P

Second, the school's headmaster is like "bo lang bo juak" like that. As a headmaster, if there's some groups or people came to visit your school, sure will show his warmly welcome like keep on following us here and there and intro the school ma~ But this is like.. uh!! The time we stepped in till we wanna go out always stay in his office nia~ And is like need the kinder's headmaster to call him out than he come out?! What kind of attitude is this huh? Eh, some of the students next year will be studying there, and note that they're parents who was following the trip too. This kind of attitude how you want the parents to let their child to study there huh?!

That's all I wanna comment about today's trip.. And met some of my teachers too. I asked them whether they still remember me? Well, some yes and some no. I know most of the chinese teachers would mostly remember me. And my science and 'Kajian Tempatan' teacher too. Why? Cause I'm good in chinese and my science teacher lives near me~ Haha. And I met the teacher that I fear the most too!! Cikgu Yee, my maths teacher in Primary 1 & 5. A very fierce teacher. I still remember that when I was in Primary 1, cause she too fierce resulting me everyday crying and don't wanna go to school. Haha~

Gee~ Too much words liao and yet no pictures for today. =P That's all from me now. Take care~

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