Chun's Eye!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Chun's right eye injured!! Oh my~ Below are the translated news about it. Thanks to Starylosophy from AF for the translation.

Fahrenheit member, Wu Chun injured his right eye & was covered with gauze around it. He was spotted in Hong Kong Airport yesterday. He was on his way to Brunei (transit in HK from Taiwan). The hoard of fans waiting for him at the airport expressed their concern about his injury.

Wu Chun said: "Because I'm unable to remove my contact lens, i tried to force it out & it broke as a result." The shattered bits was stuck in his eye & he was sent to A & E (Accident & Emergency) for treatment. At that moment, he was scared stiff as he thought he's going to be blind.

Wu Chun took leave from filming for his latest idol drama, Romantic Princess as he had to go back to Brunei to settle some matters regarding his gym.

He arrived HK the day before to meet his dad before going back together. When he tried to remove his contact lenses, he can't as he wore his contact eyes for too long. He tried to apply force & try to remove the lenses but to his horror, the lens broke & the shattered bits remained in his right eye. He as in pain & teared uncontrollably.

He was rushed to the A & E and even after resting at the hospital for around an hour, his condition didn't improve. An eye specialist was called to inject him with anaesthetic.

Wu Chun's short-sightedness is around 500 degrees & was advised by the specialist not to wear contact lenses for 2 weeks.

Fortunately, he's on leave this week & is able to rest his eyes.He expressed that the pain had already subside & he mentioned that the medical expenses in Hong Kong is expensive. He spent around NT 18,000 ( Roughly RM1,891 ).

Oh my~ Hope he Get Well Soon. Gee~ Wearing contact is very risky. So, better don't wear it too often ya? Or in other words, when wearing contact, make sure that you better don't wear it for a too long time. Eyes is very important for everyone so we need to take a very good care of it.. =)

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