Friday, May 04, 2007

Argh~ I'm wory-ing about Danson~ Hope he'll be fine soon. I really couldn't predict what would happen if this thing happen to me!! Argh~ Danson, be strong!! A lot of people will believe and support you!!

He must be so sad and broken heart after those so-called news~ Gee~ Being a star is really hard..

禹哲哥哥: 不要难过 loh~ 要记得坚强~ 哥哥所努力的, 我都能看见, 都能体会.. 要对自己有信心啊.. 不要放弃, 不要伤心, 要快点开心起来.. 把所有的不开心都把他集中在工作上, 让所有人都听得到哥哥那动听的声音~ 加油! 加油!

加油喔, 禹哲哥哥~

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