MRCS Inter-Unit First Aid Competition I

Sunday, May 06, 2007

To start of this post, won't be posting too much about it today cause I'll be busy preparing test papers for the tuition students as their semester exams are coming soon.

The MRCS Inter-Unit First Aid Competition was held in MRCS Miri Chapter's Headquarter on the 5-6 May which is yesterday and today. This year, for the first time, there's 14 teams participating including 2 teams from outstation, which is SMK Telung Usan and SMK Luar Bandar, and 2 teams from VAD 52 and VAD IKBN. There's one team also which will be representing Sarawak to the National level's First Aid Competition. So, the team are there to train also.

So, my main point for this post is about the results for the competition. The results are as follows:

Best Traditional Scenario: SMK Luar Bandar
Best Quiz Bee: VAD 52
Best Bandaging & Immobilization Relay: Kolej Tun Dato Hj Bujang
Best Community Based Scenario: SMK St. Columba

For the Youth Team...

Champion: SMK St. Columba with the mark of 87.4
1st Runner-up: SMK Chung Hua with the mark of 87.0
2nd Runner-up: SMK St. Joseph with the mark of 86.3

For the VAD Team...

Champion: VAD 52
1st Runner-up: VAD IKBN

And also the First Aid In Every Home, FAIEH, Challenge Throphy:

Champion: SMK Riam
1st Runner-up: SMK Baru
2nd Runner-up: SMK Teknik

Lastly from me here today, Congratulation for all the winners. You did an excellent job. And to the participants from St. Joseph, I can see all the effort and your best during the competition. Don't be too sad anymore. There's still next year, ok? JIA YOU!! =)

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