MRCS Inter-Unit First Aid Competition III

Thursday, May 10, 2007

On the 5th of May, last Saturday, MRCS Miri Chapter organized the Inter Unit First Aid Competition for the Youths and the VAD. Like what I mentioned before, there are 14 teams participating which are VAD 52, VAD IKBN, SMK St. Joseph, SMK Chung Hua, SMK St. Columba, SMK Luar Bandar, SMK Telung Usan, SM Riam Road, SMK Dato Pemaisuri, Kolej Tun Dato Hj Bujang, SMK Lutong, SMK Lopeng Tengah, SMK Agama and also one team from Miri Chapter, the team which will be representing Sarawak to the National's First Aid Competition on the end of this month.

Ok. Enough talkings now.. Let the pictures do the talkings ba~

St Joseph's team.. Kwang Nam, Yaw Soon, Sie Lik, Yong Yi and Martin who is not in the picture~

So, the first event for the day...

Quiz Bee~

Look at their faces~ So, do you think they done well? Actually yeah!!!

Next up... Bandaging Relay where the reserved members will be the casualties...

Judges ready? Casualties ready? First Aid Kits all set?

Teams ready? 3... 2... 1... GO!!!

Here they are... Finishing their 10 questions of Bandaging questions...

... within 10 minutes~~

Followed by... Immobilizing Relay.. Same as the Bandaging ones, 10 questions...

... within 10 minutes~

Finally done!!! So, the judge commented on their performance~

The third event for the competition, The Community Based Scenario... The team members are studying smart for it!!!

There's no pictures during the Community Based Scenario because we're not allowed to enter to the room. So, only the participating members and the judges were allowed in that room. But, I can say, they did very well for it!! Guess that's all for today~ Next post will be the 2nd day for the competition. Enjoy~

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