Tiring Day

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Tiring day today I can say. Morning woke up early and went to Sri Mawar kindergarten to substitute one Level 3 teacher assistant who was absent today. Level 3 Bluebell and Lotus again. Same classes like last time. So their names almost all I can remember liao~ Haha!! One good news is that start from next month, I can be an official teacher in Sri Mawar Kindergarten liao due to one teacher is going to resign soon. Guess which class? Same class. Going to be the Malay reader for the Bluebell & Lotus class. Haha~

So, speaking about being a substituting teacher today, I sharpened lotsa pencils and colour pencils and this is what happened to my thumb this noon...


Then during the noon while teaching tuition, suddenly popped out another one. (-.-'') Keksi me. Just now I just done something. A own-made PHOTO FRAME~

Nice mar?

So, what do you think? Spent some times to finished it~ Due to the photo size is 10'' x 12'' made me so hard to find a nice and suitable ones. So, decided to made one lo~ Guess that's all from me today. ChaoZzzZzzzz~

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