April Fool

Sunday, April 01, 2007

First of all, wishing everyone have a nice day on today's April Fool day. So, did you fooled or being fooled by someone? I didn't fooled anyone but almost being fooled by my friend, Po Ken. He told me that his phone cable been stolen again, and he msged me to checked my phone whether got sound or not. So I tot is real then I go checked. Who knows he fooled me.. Hehe...

Ok. I finally blogged after these 'busy' few days. =) Hmm~ What am I busy-ing recently? Well, first of course is working. Yeap~ Start being the tuition teacher every weekdays afternoon from 2pm - 5pm. Besides teaching, pakto-ing, I used 3 days to finished this...

終極一班 aka KO One

This series was on air at Taiwan last year. And I just finally decided to watched this series which was acted by the four Fahrenheits, Aaron, Calvin, Chun honey and Jiro and also my sweety Danson. This series overall was about the KO chart where Aaron was KO 4, Jiro and Calvin KO 3, Danson sweety KO 2 and my honey Chun KO 1~ =) Now I'm awaiting for the It Started With A Kiss II. Gee~ I wonder when will I be able to watch them on air on the same series.. =]

Few days ago mum went to Seremban, Kuala Lumpur. And of course I asked my 2nd brother to help me to buy somethings and called my mummy to bring it back. My brother bought this for me...

A shinny & nice crown necklace that cost my brother RM20!!

Cheap!! Thanks alot brother and mummy. Guess that's all from me now. Will update again soon. Continue reading my blog ya? Enjoy and take care.

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