Laziness Strikes

Monday, August 13, 2012

I am a lazy girl I know. Totally out of rants to update. Well, is not that there's nothing to update. Is just that I am totally lazy to update about it. Hahaha!

Now is mid of August and I am just 3 months and few weeks away from my wedding, a month plus away from my ROM + Birthday! Excited or not? Lotsa people asked me how's my preparation and till now, at least me and Fan Su, are still in control of everything. At least everything are still in time and goes well before the day itself. Thank GOD for everything.

Weeks left till I am going on an-almost-a-week vacation to Phuket! Finally! A vacation for me to take a short breath from all the hectic days. =X Gonna spend some days in KL too. Hope to get some nice deals too throughout the vacation week. *fingers-cross*

Ah! 2 weeks plus left till it's end of August. Do continue treat me nicer eh August? That's all for the rants now. Cheers~

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