LINE Camera

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Downloaded this application few days ago. LINE Camera by NAVER Japan Corporation. It's an app where you can add, take and edit pictures. It's a free app, and available for both iOS and Android phones. ^^

LINE Camera

One good thing that I like about this app is it's edit features, got different frame and picture styles...

.. and consists of various stamps, got hearts, stars, flowers...

.. messages..

.. Moon & James, Brown & Cony.. and much more...

.. and it also have different styles where you can choose to bling up your pictures!

Some of the pictures edited by yours truly:

edited while waiting for The Avengers to start @ Starbucks

Some bug with colourful legs. Spotted while enjoying @ Matang Family Park during Labour Day!

Overall, it's a good and useful app. That's all for the doodles. Take care everyone!

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