Tuesday, March 20, 2012

And so, the Fan Su had silently planned a proposal, which I accidentally knew about it before it actually proposed! So I had to try my best to ignored what I knew and wait the time to come. Hahaha! Okay. So, I knew that he will proposed to me. Although it's not how the image should be like what all of us expected, but we're still happy about it. I am still HAPPY about it. As in VERY HAPPY.

Presenting to you our ring. Not too complicated and loving it. ^^

The Bear & The Rings

Really thanks a lot to Fan Su & friends for making the night totally memorable. Appreciate what you all did! This year is gonna be a busy year. Looking forward for the BIG DAY~ And anticipating the progress for the day. Plan to participate for the each and every progress for it such as the video making, choosing this and that, etc. to make it a perfect and lovely day.

That's should be it for now. Take care and GOD Bless^^

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