Roses @ Valentine's

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Been busy dealing with roses during the past few weeks as the pampered ones sell roses during Valentine's. Yea, you did not see wrong. I'd been spending most of the time looking at the roses, throwing out the bad ones, preserving the good ones, wrapping it into a nice bouquet and ready for sale.

Well, I did not dare to say I'm good in wrapping, but at least for a first timer like me, at least I'm satisfied with it. How's the result you may ask? Got some feedback from people mentioning that not bad, still got much more space for improvement. Overall I'm happy with it.

As for the sales result, not bad. At least we did overcome all the expenses that we spent. Got some profit although not much. Going to be lotsa better next year, as we got the idea, the planning all those. ^^

A great and memorable Valentine's Day I had this year; as I'm not only celebrating it with my love ones, and on the mean time we're sharing all the happiness to everyone. It's worth it when you see a smile came from the bottom of the heart at the moment when a person received the flowers. That's the happiness where words can't describe.

That's should be it by now. Ending the post with a lovely picture.

Love You Lots, Fan Su!

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