The Sims 3

Monday, October 17, 2011

Guess everyone knows this game eh? Was playing it weeks ago using iPhone before shifting it to PC version (which am still playing now). It's kinda addicting sometimes till you just can't stop playing it! Lolx!

Well, today am just going to review the iPhone version. Sims 3 is a game from EA Games. Like the usual Sims on PC, you can personalise their characteristics and also their goals.

You can also decorate however you want with your house. Buying furniture etc.

Also, building relationships with people around your neighborhoods.

Fun thing about playing Sims using iPhone is you can move the whole device in order to play the minigames: Fishing, Cooking, Gardening.

For fishing, you need to tilt it left and right..

.. then Yank it! by tilting it upwards.

& there you are! A fish!!

Overall, an addictive game! Hahahaha! Just a short review. That's all for now. God Bless!

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