Us Turn 2

Friday, August 05, 2011

Fan Su took me to Simplicious Restaurant & Lounge that night. Is located at 39, Jalan Pisang, Kuching.

Well, I can't located the exact place using the map. So I show the road instead. Lolx!

Simplicious Restaurant & Lounge.
Is a spacious and big house for a restaurant, with a very nice, artistic environment.
Too bad I didn't manage to take many pictures for their exterior and interior.
Will take again if got chance. ^^

There are outdoor and indoor seating. We decided to sit indoor.
Spotted a nice lounge bar and a big mirror!

Our food & drinks for the night. Not much special on the drinks.
But their 'Chicken Chop' (I forgot the exact name) was indeed very nice. Highly recommended for this food!
We had Hawaiian Pizza & Chicken Kebab too!
You'll love these two if you are green pepper lovers (>.<)

I gave Fan Su a handmade card & his long wanted Starbucks tumbler, which you can deco your own templates with it! Surprisingly, he got me 9 pretty pink & red roses and asked the florist to sent it to my office. Awww~~~~ Thanks a lot!

That should be it by now. Lastly, ended the post with our little pictures!

Happy 2nd Anniversary! Muaks**

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