Kuching Festival 2011

Friday, August 12, 2011

Kuching Festival was organised by Kuching South City Council, once every year. To know more about the festival, click HERE. The location for the festival will always be the same place:

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Kuching Festival @ Dewan Masyarakat Kuching Selatan!

Kuching Festival 2011

There are lots of lots of different kinds of foods here.
From Thailand to Japan. From Halal to Non-halal.

Seats available at the festival too. But need to be passion enough to find a available ones.

Besides food fair, there are also trade fair and also fun fair..
So, people can eat, buy, play & enjoy!!

.. and we (me & Fan Su) came across this...
Is a Jimmy Contest where you can participate in the lucky draw (grand price is a Nissan Grand Livina!!) by just buying their rice..
The main purpose of taking this picture is showing you all the date of the contest!

Total of 9 months and just few winners.. =="
Look at the mountains of the people who participate.. You really to be really lucky to win the price!

FOOD Time!!! My favourite?
I'll say the fried ice cream and the tornado potato!
Very the nice!!!

Besides, there are garden show and various shows and performance at the festival too! Too bad didn't manage to take some pictures of it. Well, maybe next time. Not yet go to the festival? It's not too late as the festival is till August 20!

That's all for now. Chaoozzzz~

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