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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ever seen this kind of thing before?

This is one of the 2D barcodes where it can stores information in both horizontally and vertically. (FYI, 1D barcode stores horizontally only where we can always see in each and every packets of items selling in the groceries stores) Ok. This 2D barcodes widely used in mobile marketing. One very good example, when you mobile check in from Airasia, they'll give you this kind of 2D barcodes. Even the Koreans uses 2D barcodes to shop their groceries!

Ok enough introduction. Now, get ready a mobile phone which has a built-in camera. Then go here and download application. After done downloading, open the application where it may lead you to some sort of camera shooting alike thingy. The point here is shoot the 2D barcodes, not the things that we usually love to shoot. Lolx. Then it will generate what the 2D barcodes wants to tell you!

Cool eh? So next time, whenever you want to tell something without many people acknowledgement, you can try using this kind of techniques. Hahaha! You can generate this 2D barcode here.

Credits to my colleague, Ivelyn, for introduced this kind of application. ^^

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