Cooking Mama - クッキング ママ

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cooking Mama is a game of cooking action game by TAITO Corporation. Currently playing this game using iPhone as this game is also can be played using Nintendo DS and also Wii, just different sequels.

Cooking Mama - クッキング ママ

Let's see some screenshots and some descriptions of the game:

There are two options: Let's cook (cooking with Mama) or entering the cooking contest (practices various recipe & techniques)!

Then choose what kind of recipe you wanna make.

You can even practice first before you start making in order to get a higher marks.

There are skills like cutting, battering, slicing, grating, kneading, adding, frying, mixing, peeling etc.

When you did it well, Mama will be very happy~

But make sure you are using your skills right if not Mama will get Mad~

Then walah! One recipe is done! ^^

Quite fun to play as you're controlling the actions using your hands instead of using the hands controls the controllers (If you understand what I mean ^^)


So now Cooking Mama is on Facebook too. Click here to play^^

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