March 2011

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sorry for the lack of updates. Pampered princess was really lazy updating blog so she'll just summarize most of the happenings in March this year. =)

Beginning of March:

Preparing 2 of my beloved-es birthday... Daddy the king & Fan Su the prince ^^
Starting to badminton-ing almost every week. A good start to the road of diet. Kekekekeke~

*updated* Almost forgot that the princess had done continuously watching 156 episodes of ゲゲゲの女房 (GeGeGe no Nyōbō), a NHK Japanese Drama by handsome 向井理, Mukai Osamu and pretty 松下奈緒, Nao Matsushita~

.. and not forgetting a Japanese Movie, 5年ラブレター (Love Letter for Five Years Later), by 向井理, Mukai Osamu (again) and 内山理名, Uchiyama Rina~ It is a romance and touching story about a loving husband and father that passed away showing his love to his love ones~

Mid of March:
Webcam with my 2nd bro and my nephew, Kenji~ Cute~

Had Big Breakfast with the prince with just only RM5 for two!!! Cheap eh?

Attempted (but failed =X) to join the My FM Cash Me Plan (MyFM Cash Me 计划), where you can get the chance to win cash prize and Fujiaire aircond too!

End of March:

Watched My FM Presentation Award... Lee Hom is so handsome =D

And the princess is currently addicted to these two games:

Zombie Lane on Facebook, a game where you kills different types of zombies..

.. and while waiting for the LATEST Patapon 3, the princess is playing back Patapon 2!!

Guess that should be it by now. Simple and Neat. Hahaha! Looking forward for the next update. Spank the princess if she's lazy again. XD Take care everyone~

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