Friday, December 03, 2010

I am not a good speaker specially when it comes to the communication part. So, sometimes I'll interpret and explain wrongly which made people felt insulted or should I say 'tiao ge', in other words proud. I'm not proud or what, just maybe the way I explained made people felt like that. I am so sorry for my not so good in communicating when it comes to verbally communication. Some people might understand while some people don't.

Why said so? Cause people backstabbing me seems like I am so proud, saying this and that behind me. I so wish I can be friendly to each and everyone but each and everyone doesn't seems to be in that way. I wish I can done things better so that people won't be saying me stupid or what anymore. Maybe I am not the high school girl that I used to be anymore. Not the person I used to be.

How will you feel when the person around you in front acting friendly, but not behind? How will you feel when the person obviously don't like you, saying not so good things behind you, obviously neglected you, yet you still need to face them almost everyday? How will you feel when the person that don't like you increase the tone when talking to you when you did some careless mistakes yet with a different tone when talking with the others when the others did the same mistakes? But still, we still need to learn to ignore everything and live the happy life. Why think of those which will ruin your day? But still, it hurts.

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