Officially Graduated

Monday, October 18, 2010

Pampered princess is officially graduated on 101010!!!
Presenting 2 of the graduation photos...

Officially a Bachelor Science Degree holder...

Along with my fan su, two graduates^^

Well, gonna say bye bye to studies for now. Is sad actually for saying goodbye cause I'm gonna say goodbyes to those benefits especially for students, university students to be exact. Why am I saying so? Cause you won't have many privileges and special discounts when you are not a student anymore. Not like the usual days where you just present your student card when purchasing movie ticket, when going for singing k, when eating at some particular restaurants. See... after these you can't even enjoy all these privileges anymore. (>.<) So do appreciate and enjoy the times when you are still a student!!

About my convocation in KK, hm... It went along just a snap. So fast the time passes and you are still out of the situation like: "Ha? Graduate le ah??" Hahahaha~ Gonna miss the days when enjoying and hanging out with friends where these things will very seldom gonna happen in the future. (>.<)

Lastly, I want to take this opportunity to thanks to my friends a lot for giving me those memories in these 3 years where I will cherished forever. Thank you all for accompanying me in these 3 years with full of happiness and sadness too. Thanks to my beloved parents also for the hard earning money and also their love that support me till now. I hope I do made you guys proud. ^^ And of course I wanna thank my beloved fan su for everything, your presents, wishes, plans, love etc. Thanks for everything. ^^

Guess that's all for now. For more graduation pics, please browse through my facebook ya. Take care everyone.

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