Sunday, October 03, 2010

From few previous post where pampered princess just mentioned that she's currently working in the company where she had her industrial training.

As management trainee in HR

But few days ago, she had accepted a new offer as a Fixed Income Analyst in this company....

Finexsys Sdn Bhd

This was how the story goes:

Weeks ago she was surfing looking for jobs and sending her resume and cover letter to various companies. The day before her birthday, she received a call from Finexsys asking her to attend an interview. So she did went for the first ever interview during her lucky day, her 23 birthday! The interview went along just fine and was told to wait for their reply, if there's any within one week. Well, the next day, she received the call again from Finexsys, saying that she got the job! She just got her appointment letter and other documents one week later and Walah! She is going to be a Fixed Income Analyst!

^^ Happy yet a little of stressy as the position is dealing with the international bonds. Doing some analysing and a lot of readings. (o.O) Seriously, I know 1% about international bonds. (>.<) Going to do some readings before the reporting duty day. Will start working in a new environment after I'm back from my long waiting convocation. ^^

Speaking about my birthday, I really had a great, simple and happy birthday. I love my present so much, a PDI formal shirt and a little surprise by my beloved Fan Su, Yong Lee Lick aka Alek. This must be the first time I mentioned his name. Guess he's reading this by now. Thanks alot to you, Alek, for your love and support throughout this one year plus. Love you alot my Fan Su. <3

Fan su & Tung gua

That's all for now. 2 days left before heading back to KK. ^^ Take care everyone.

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