Industrial Training

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hohoho~ Sorry for the long no update. Can't get a stable connection here. Well, just to update that the pampered princess is now having her industrial training. XD It's the second week now and everything is going pretty smoothly for now. Although is alot tiring comparing to the past uni-life. (>.<)

After few weeks leaving uni, step into training, well... What can I say? Seen through some of it. Who are the ones that can call as FRIENDS, and who are not. But honest;y as I can and dare to say here. I got MANY so called FRIENDS. But the true friends or buddies, well... not much even 2 hands are able to count. Sounds sad? Don't think so. At least I got some friends who truly treated me nice from the bottom of their heart and I really appreciated that.

Most of all, I truly appreciated the one who always be there for me... YOU.. Alek Yong~ Thanks for everything... muaks~~

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