Screwed Everything Up

Friday, April 23, 2010

Okay. Today I was having my Advance Mathematics 2 final exam and I can 100% declared that I totally SCREWED it ALL up. (==") My mind was like totally BLANK. This is what I did. Saw the question, starred there for few minutes, simply answer the question for around 10 minutes and then continue starred there for 20 minutes. And the process goes on and on for 3 hours. Shiet! Haiz. Someone please knocked my head. I am wondering what's happening to me. (o.O) Too stress or pressure? Or totally gave up huh?

My 2nd brother FINALLY is getting married. Say yeah~ He's now in a financially crisis where he need to plan lotsa stuffs for the wedding. Wedding pictures, wedding rings etc. Hohohohoho~ Congratulation to my koko... ^^

That's all for today's bla lar... Signing off~

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