Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Today is 090909. How boy's birthday in this special day! Happy Birthday to him! For your information, pampered princess here have a lot of things to post, such as Doulos post, Kampung Nelayan post! But this pity pampered princess here is too busy plus a little bit lazy to blog! Readers, please don't blame the pampered princess here okay? Today at least there's a day for me to rest for one day after stacks of mid terms and assignments. But start from tomorrow again, the pampered princess here needs to get ready for her upcoming lab test, more assignments, final year project and it's presentation. Then after everything done, finals approaching! After final? JLPT 3... Then, followed by final year project again! (>.<) I never been like experiencing non-stop things to do before! Anyway, being the pampered me, and one of the September babies here, there's something want to share! The pampered princess here is craving for some things here...
  • 1gb pendrive
  • Sony Earphone
  • New shoes
  • Less fats
  • Less stress
  • More time
  • More cash
  • More fun
Sure some of you out there wondering the 1gb pendrive is why since there's already few gb pendrive selling outside. Well, for donno what reason my 1gb pendrive have finally lost and I just bought a 4gb pendrive here. But 1gb pendrive is needed for my car's modulator!! Haha~ The earphone is cause the clumsy pampered princess here had just broke an-almost-month old earphone which I bought for only RM9! Haha~ Luckily just RM9~

That's all the crappz for now. The pampered princess here now not in the mood cause of some reasons. Chiaozzz~

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