Sunday, July 12, 2009

Someone starts to complaint about my posts are getting shorter and shorter. Yes I do agree with her. Sorry lar~ No inspiration of blogging and I'm living in a dull simple life recently. Haha~

As you all knew that I'm back in KK for my final year. Well, few days after back KK, planned to cook. So, I went down to the kitchen, open the rice cooker & this is what I found...

They were curry alike thingy with worms inside!!!!

And this was my reaction when I first saw it! Dang~ It was really scary!!!

Then being a pampered one (as always), I rushed upstairs and asked my friend, Ah Sim, to clean it. Well, being a timid yet brave him, he washed the cooker!!!

This were our reaction while cleaning it. Why? Not only gross, IT WAS DANG SMELLY KAY?

And this will be the worms reaction when we washed them into the drain... Bye bye wormies!!!

In the end, that night I didn't get to cook. Thanks to the worms for scary-ing the mood away. Sheesh~

I don't know and don't want to point out who did this. But being a responsible university student who will be graduating soon, can't you at least know what is RESPONSIBLE means huh? We allow you guys to borrow and lend our things and even our house cause we trust you and think you'll be RESPONSIBLE for it. And what we get in the end huh?

So, just now finally got to cook for the first time for this semester. ^^ I do think my skill improved. Haha~

What do you think? It taste nice~ ^^

Okay, that's all for now. Do enjoy reading and look forward for more interesting post kay?

ps. Fish, is it longer now? Haha~

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