Things That We Did

Friday, July 24, 2009

This is what we did when the lecturer doesn't allow us to take her lecture notes using camera nor pendrive. We need to keep copy and copy and we spent the whole 2 hours copying notes and she seems like teach nothing instead of asking us to copy and copy. And this is what we copied...


Drawn by me... Purposely made a blur shoot^^

Wei Chon's version of Ser Yuan the froggy~

The corner up thingy and little Ser Yuan by me...
And the pig and monkey aka Ah Sim drawn by Wei Kwan...

Combination of Wei Chon, Ser Yuan and mine! Hahaha!

I like this the most. Don't know what Wei Chon is drawing but is funny!

Okay. Just a short update. Still busy with my studies + assignment + fyp!

ps. I'm alright ya~ So, people out there... No worries kay^^

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