3 More Days

Saturday, July 04, 2009

3 more days left in Miri. Happy or not I'm not sure but I definitely feel a lot of strong-heart feeling to don't want to go back due to only one reason. If I'm in KK who will really, as in REALLY spend some time to accompany THEM? Who will really care about how they feel, whether they tired or not for the whole day?

I just really wish that youths and youngsters specially my closer relatives will REALLY understand what I want to point out.

FAMILY is the most important thing in the world. Comparing between a boyfriend or girlfriend you just have for few years or even for just less than a month and the FAMILY and also the ELDEST, which is more important? The eldest just wants for some companionship from all of us. Please spend some time understand them. Spend time to accompany them, as in no need everyday stay at home just accompany them, went they went out, just follow them along, when they go hospital for checking or even church, just follow them along.

And that's most of my task in Miri this semester break. ^^ I just love accompany my parents and also my cute grandma. Love them alot~ Love and being love by people especially in FAMILY is the most happiest and wonderful joy that GOD has created. Don't you think so too^^

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  • aunty lily
    Wednesday, July 08, 2009 1:31:00 PM  

    yea, thinking about the 'three' people that we most admire in our life. They are no other than our only God and parents. They are the most important persons in our entire life and one must treasure it. Without our GOD, there won't have our parents and without our parents definitely there won't be either 'you or me'. They give so much to their children and expect nothing in return. So, love them, and honour them, and stay close to them which money cannot buy. Wish everyone of us have a happy family. GOD BLESS

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