Hui's Wedding Part I

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Last week was one of my elder cousin, Hui's wedding. A 24 years old lady finally started to built her own sweet little family after dating for 5 years with her sweet husband. ^^ Kay, let's get into the pictures shall we?

Dressing and making up early in the morning...

The bride giving tea to her relatives before the arrival of the groom. ^^

The groom finally came...

.. and after few simple obstacles,

.. he finally met the bride...

Then they went to the groom's house and then followed by tea ceremony~

Pictures time! The ji mui gang and the heng dai gang!

And before the morning ends, the bride threw her flowers ^^

The video^^

Just some little pictures and videos to share with you all. That's all for my cousin's wedding during the morning time. Wedding dinner pictures will be post on the next coming post. ^^ If want to see some of the pictures clearly don't hesitate to view it from my facebook ya? ^^

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