Monday, April 13, 2009

Living alone outside from home really isn't that easy. At first, some people might think is fun and exciting cause they can get all the freedom they want. Yes, is true you can get all the freedom that you want. Thinking back on all these things that happened around me seems like everything is just a lie.

Being nice to you in your front but at your back, backstabbing and saying all the bad things about you. Hm~ What's the purpose? I still don't know. I'm just being me. A girl who likes to talk kinda loud and alot alot. Likes to stick around with guys more than girls, and I still wonder why my habit still can't change huh? Haha~

Maybe I like the feeling being pampered by guys as what my parents and brothers did to me. Yeah, I'm a pampered little princess in my family. XD Suddenly think back of all the things that happened all these while. One of my friend told me,"If it was last time, you sure dare to do it. Ganas sampai boleh bunuh orang." Something like that.

Maybe education really took most of my time till I almost forgot what's the true me inside. I used to be a brave, active girl but now, it seems not like it. Maybe I start to think alot, maybe is just thinking too much. But what I hope is that everything is back to normal as soon as possible. Now then I realised everything is not as what I'd thought. Maybe you think that person is nice and trustable. But who knows, he or she is now talking bad about you. (o.O)

GOD gives us life and let us come to this world with a purpose, which is to love everyone, including Him. I strongly believe that He'll lead the way. ^^

That's all for my emotional bla-ing for today. Thanks for spending your time to read ya? ^^

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