Fish's 22nd

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I first saw her when she just transfered to St. Joe, when we're in Form 4. A pretty and tall girl. But when you start to get to know her, she can be very 'loso'. Haha~ Get to tag along each other when we're in Form 6, with Ah Bui and Charlie. Specially during and after mooting organised by University of Bond, Australia. ^^

Us during mooting competition~

She's a girl who talks alot, complaints alot too. XD And one thing about her, she can really ask one thing that she doesn't know till you really will get mad about her. Specially in computer stuffs since she's a pc-noobie. I guess quite alot of people will sure agree with me at this right? Haha~ (Lee Yee, dun kill me!!! Haha~)

Well, although she's a talkative girl, she's nice & friendly actually. Clever, independent and easy come, easy go type of people. I used to forget her birthday. So, actually this is the first time I remembered her birthday. Haha~ I know I'm bad. =P


ps. I still donno why you wanna have two names. (-__-)

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