4th Semester Course

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Time really do flies. It's a new year, a new beginning, and of course, a new semester! Taking 19 credit hours this semester. Well, let's see what subject I am taking this semester.

SM 20203 - Differential Equations
SM 20402 - Numerical Computation
SM 20603 - Analysis Statistics
SM 20803 - Real Analysis
SM 21003 - Operation Research
BZ 10303 - Microeconomy
UJ 00902 - Japanese Language IV

Well, as you can see, other than my minor, microeconomy and my language, Japanese, all are my major course's subjects, MATHS! Really MUST study even harder and smarter for this semester. This sem's aim still CGPS and CGPA at least 3.33.

Strive hard!!! And remember me in your prayers kay? Jia You!!!

ps. Next post will be sharing some interesting about Mathematics which I'd learn. Really interesting. Do stay tune kay? =)

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