JLPT Level 4

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Finally, I got a free time to update. Yes, I'm back in Miri! Yahoo~ So, now, let me share the JLPT experience with you all.

The JLPT 4 was on the 7th Dec, noon from 3-6++ pm. How was it? Overall okay okay lar. The grammar and reading part was the hardest for me. So, hopefully can pass lar. =)

My Test Voucher

My test room in the tutorial rooms...

In UMS, they're around 168 people attended the test. Met some of my ex-classmates, school mates too. They're taking JLPT too! XD Some of my friends took the test in UPM instead, and I was informed by them that JLPT 4 only got around 1000 people taking the test! Whoa~~~ So many people ler.

Next year I'm getting JLPT again. Hope can straight jump to JLPT Level 2 bah! =X

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