Do You Think I'm Able To Cut Off My Fats?

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A night out with the RC gang without Anne since she's in Penang! XD Me, Soon Ping aka Fang Kuat, JJK and Ngee Kiat went to Soho to have our dinner. So, first stop....


For the first glance, hmm... quite nice surrounding and atmosphere. Inside is cool but there's only bar-type seats, while outside has seats where people can get along together and chit chat easily. But one thing, outside is totally hot, and kinda dark. Which means, many mosquitos!!!

I ordered this, a combination of Strawberry, Lime Wedge, Mint & 7-Up for RM8...

.. JJK ordered this, a combination of Cranberry Juice, Pineapple Juice & Orange Juice for RM10

Ngee Kiat and Fang Kuat ordered Coke and Lime Juice. Honestly, it's expensive ler. Now let's go to the foods....

Ngee Kiat's salad for I don't know how much...

A boneless chicken tight grilled to perfection. Served with mashed potato, seasonal vegetables & onion rings for RM18! This is what I ordered~

This is JJK's. Tender boneless chicken breast drizzled with Soho's sauce, served with seasonal vegetables and french fries for RM24~

Nice, but can't filled up our stomach although is kinda expensive. Well, my feedback for this restaurant will be more cons than pros. Although surrounding is nice and food is nice too, but the price is kinda high and the services wasn't that nice.

JJK is sharing his foods with all of us...

.. while Ngee Kiat is trying VERY HARD to finish his sour salad~ Haha~

Since, these foods doesn't filled us up. We ordered a RM10 french fries again. We ate all up and dang! We're thristy! Since we don't wanna pay so much, we went to the Ming's for drinks. Haha~ After our drinks and the chit chats...

We went all the way up to Senadin for this (Anne, really ho chiak!! haha~)... It's kinda famous among the RC gangs

.. and it's my first time here. Hehe~

Honestly, it was nice I tell you. Really nice. You see, I was planning to have my diet plan when I'm back to Miri. But you see what I ate for just one night, do you think I'm able to cut off all the FATS in my body? (>.<)

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