Industrial Training in Nuffnang?

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Undergraduate students sure have to face this training, industrial training, where you need to apply for jobs that's related to the field you're studying for couple of weeks. That's the time where you gain your working experience, enrich your knowledge and it's the very first step into the society.

It's not like you can simply find a job to train yourself where this training may determine your future. If you found a good company for your training, it might be a chance for you to stay there and work after your graduation.

I'm going to have my industrial training around 5th-6th semester, that should be at the end of next year. And now we need to start to consider about where and what should we take for our industrial training since it's VERY IMPORTANT for us. Thought of applying for banks or some broker agencies. But honestly, I hate finance! That's where I thought of Nuffnang!

In the world of blogosphere, Nuffnang is well known as the Asia's First Blog Advertising Community, where it allows advertisers to serve advertisements onto blogs that signed up with them. If you're one of the nuffnangers, you should probably know they do provide jobs too!

From the link, the positions available are media sales, ad ops, blogger liaison, software engineer and web designer. Since i'm studying Mathematics with Economics, do you think any position above suits me for my training, although none of it are related to mathematics? XD And the very first question, do Nuffnang offer industrial training for undergraduate students? Hm... This keeps me wonder~

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