High School Musical 3

Friday, October 24, 2008

High School Musical 3 aka HSM 3. A Walt Disney movie. Premiere-ing today and straight away went to watched it after my last lecture of this semester!!

What I can say ler?! Dang! Nice and really nice. Erm~ Quite lah actually. The front part got a bit boring but then, it's getting more and more interesting of course. Specially the part when Troy went to find Gabriella in University of Standford, and also the almost part where he said he'll be studying at the uni which is 32.7 miles away from Standford only!!! Aw~~ So damn sweet!!! Love the musics, the songs, the dances, and of course the actors and actresses. Specially Troy, Zac Efron!!! Damn handsome okay?

He's damn handsome and hawt!!! Don't you think so? =)

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