Mixed Feelings?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What will you do if the celebration was meant for 4 person at one time? Couldn't imagine. Here, I really appreciated for what you've guys had done for me. Honestly, I felt very happy cause you all stills remembers when is my birthday on the 21st. That, I really wanna say thanks. REALLY THANKS A LOT~

But still, that day wasn't the really birthday of mine. Was my other friend's day. A same new birthday boy with Ling Weng and Jeremy. =) (ps. Weng, you found a twin brother~ =P) The attention was all divided by 4 and after the cake cutting ceremony, it seems like everyone got everyone and formed some little groups. Some even stay alone linger-ing around. Not criticising, being selfish or what, just that I felt like some of them had been left out and not everyone felt happy on that day.

What I really wish for is an ENJOYABLE 21st on my 21st. Just like that.


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