Sunday, September 14, 2008

I knew this guy since Primary 6, to be exact. But got to know him more when he came into high school. I guess he must be thankful to Michael for asking him to join RC cause he got to learn a lot of knowledge and grew up alot in RC. Who's he? He's Jong Jing Kwong aka JJK.

Me and JJK in 2006

In high school years, he's really a good companion of mine, a very good friend of mine, where we used to share some problems together, solved some RC problems together. Still remember in high school years, most of them said that we're couples? Wahaha~ We're just two good friends till now. =P

In RC's HQ during First Aid training

A friend of mine where we used to cubit here and there where the bruises are many and some as big as 50 cents!! Used to fool around and play here and there even in front of our juniors. I guess some of his admirers should be kinda jealous of me cause we can get to fight here and there~ Wahaha~

RC's Appreciation Dinner

He's the one who a lot of people envies and admires due to his well-socialising, good leadership that a lot of juniors inspires and wish to be like him. A good role model for the juniors. =)

During Blood Donor's Night, 2007

A very good friend of mine where all of us went to study and he's the only one who stays in Miri and continues his studies and career there. But now, he's on his way to achieve his own goal. This means that when we're back in Miri, hard to find people like you, who is so eng to bring us go yamcha and chit chat till the whole day long~ =P

In Hot Spot, 2007~


Now you're 20 and today you've started your new path in physiotherapist. ALL THE BEST to you my friend, and HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY!!!


To JJK: Eh, see liao got feel wanna laugh there mar? Haha~ Tell you ah, don't hilangkan diri after reach there ah. If not, me and Anne go there and kill you~ =P

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