Kampung Nelayan

Sunday, May 11, 2008

My first enjoyment after I finish my First Year Second Sememester's final examination, BBQ & STEAMBOAT in KAMPUNG NELAYAN!!

Went with Li, Ping, Chon, Season, Su Yan, Ser Yuan di di, Kwan, Sim and Hao~ Enjoyed that night cause I ate quite full and experienced the MAD EATER eating MADLY!!! Haha~ Next time if wanna eat buffet can ask them to go along. No need to worry can't finish cause they'll help you to finish it! Wakaka. =P Okay. Below are the pictures that we took that day.

That night, while we almost finish our lovely meal, suddenly the stove started to fired up FLAMELY. Till the hose where it link the stove and the tong gas MELT!!! Luckily the waiter did manage to off the tong gas quickly. IF NOT... (>.<)

That's all for this post. Will update soon as I can get to online. =)

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