2nd Semester's Result

Friday, May 23, 2008

Oh well, thanks to some infos from my friends where I will be able to know my result earlier than the confirmation of the result announcement. Which means by using some of "tech techniques" you'll be access into the world of my RESULT!!!! =)

So, if the result wasn't wrong, below are the results for my 2nd semester...

UF3222 - Japanese Language II : A

US7222 - Entrepreneurship : A

SM1063 - Mathematics II : A-

UF1103 - Islamic and Asian Civilization : A-

UT9022 - Introduction to Marine Enviroment : A-

ST3013 - Object Oriented Programming : B+

UF6083 - Earth Science and Planets : C+

Overall, I did much more well than I expected. And if my calculation wasn't wrong, my CGPS, which is my current semester's pointer will be 3.50 and my CGPA, which is the overall pointer (including previous semester's), my pointer will be 3.07 3.23!!! Gee, my calculation still got some BIG PROBLEMS~ =P

So, I achieved my TARGET and I'm very HAPPY~ Hehe~

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