Sudoku & Chinese Chess Competition

Monday, April 14, 2008

Like I’d mentioned before, will post this thing up. This event was organized by my entrepreneurship’s group, ENFRIMAGRAM, which means Environmental Friendly Mathematics Game. It was held on the 29 & 30 March 2008, in the SST’s tutorial rooms. I’ll just let the pictures do all the talkings.


Spent times to prepare..

.. posters..

.. and banners..

.. to promote to everyone about our event~

On that day, informations about Sudoku & Chinese Chess were displayed..

.. and also Half Page Chinese Chess to played..

.. where both winner & losers got to get small prizes.

The opening ceremony..

.. where me & Francis placed the ‘General’ on the BIG CHESS BOARD~

First up, explanations before the Chinese Chess Start..

.. where they played 7 rounds with our handmade Chiness Chess!!

ps. Do you think this person looks like Lee Hom? =P

And on the same time, explanations..

.. for Sudoku was made too!!!

After everything, Prize Giving Ceremony~

Some speech from one of the SST Lecturer, Mr. Victor Tiong..

.. some participants & the winners for Chinese Chess..

.. and the winner for Sudoku!!!

.. then, the closing ceremony, where Mr. Victor filled the last number of the Sudoku puzzle~

Then, also some cheers~

And lastly..


That’s all from me now. Study week started already and last Saturday, RAFTING HAS BEEN CANCELLED AGAIN due to the accident happened to the train to Beaufort. Geez~ (>.<)

Coming up, pictures from one of my coursemate, Joyce's 21st birthday at Halo Cafe and also my first seafood dinner at Kampung Nelayan. =)

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