Study vs Relationship

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Which should we consider now actually huh? Especially to those who are in a relationship now while studying, do consider this again and again. It’s normal and really normal for young guys and ladies in our age to get into a relationship while studying. The main point of this post is, YOU WANNA PAKTO THEN PAKTO LA… JUST DON’T FORGET YOUR STUDIES!! I think I’ll sound like ah ma or old granny bla-ing all those nonsense here but this is my blog what~ Just suddenly had this on my mind and I just wanna post it up and please do leave emails, messages or comments regarding this post ok?

The main thing of this post is that please la, for some people out there, I know studies and relationship are both important, but please do think again and again. For now, which should be the priority first? Don’t because of pakto-ing made your studies flunk. Sometimes I really can’t stand some people will flunk their exams due to pakto-ing where actually they can be score very good results.

Or think another way, example, I’m now pakto-ing with my honey and due to pakto-ing too much, then lack of studying, then flunk in exams, then can’t find a good job due to bad results, then how? I know some people will say: “Still so long la… No need rush~” Long… See how long can it be. *hmmph* (ps. I’m not cursing anyone or something okay?)

I know the power and the strength of pakto also. Just that, STUDY SMART and PAKTO SMART also lah~

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