They Kiss Again

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Yes, they kiss again!! Who they you might ask? They lo...

What I want to mentioned here is that Is Started With A Kiss season 2 : They Kiss Again, 惡作劇2吻 is out! Yeah~ Finally, it's out since I last mentioned about it. The last mentioned post got some error where honey Chun is not in the series but my sweety Danson is in this series instead~ *drooling* This series is currently airing in Taiwan after the Romantic Princess, 公主小妹, where it was played by honey Chun, Angela Zhang Shao Han, 張韶涵, and Calvin Chen Yi Ru, 辰亦儒. Didn't watch this series so no comment about it. =)

公主小妹 aka Romantic Princess

Well, They Kiss Again series begins where Yuan Xiang Qin, 袁湘琴, played by Ariel Lin Yi Chen, 林依晨, and Joe Cheng Yuan Chang, 鄭元暢, where he played 江直樹, Jiang Zhi Shu's wedding and honeymoon. Even after marriage, they experience problems and interferences within their marriage such as mistaken pregnancy, misunderstandings, and a run-in with a girl from Zhi Shu's past. Xiang Qin and Zhi Shu switch to medical school to become nurse and doctor. During that time, Zhi Shu meets new rivals who wish to outdo him and Xiang Qin makes four new friends, and one of them likes her and wishes to replace Zhi Shu. In this series, my sweety played the roll as Ouyang Gan, 歐陽幹.

A must-watched series recommended by me. That's all from me now. Signing off.

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