Vote FOR Me!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

This post was supposed to be post earlier but I kinda lazy to update ya~ Haha~ Ok. The past 2nd October was the UMS Student Council Election. So, during the election week, the university was full of papers!! Papers I mean? Yea~ Papers. "VOTE FOR ME" papers are everywhere!!!


It's everywhere!!!

The lecturer halls!!!

It's everywhere as if like papers are cheap. (=.=)

And there even made banners for their own too. BIG swt~ (-.-")

And that's not it. Even in the uni buses there are recordings or sort of advertisement recordings about the election. Is something like "Please Vote For Me" in various languages, Malay, English, Chinese, India, Kadazandusun etc. Gee~ I wonder why Miri doesn't have an 'election spirit' like this huh? Now I can feel the election spirit burning in UMS!!! lol~ But heard from Henry that UM's election are HOTTER than UMS huh?!

Ok. Back to the election. So, on the election day, as a student of UMS, of course I needa vote la~ So, there I went into the Canselor Hall for voting...

Inside the hall...

... where everyone's here to vote too~

Well, the result for the election I'm still not very sure about it. But this was the first time I'd experienced what is really an election was like. Who knows one day you'll see this candidate next time for the election...

Ha! Now back to my studies. Was in library now to study for my Ethnic Relation tomorrow and my C Programming the day after. That's all from me now. And about my birthday pictures ah, will update next time because I need time to resize and edit all the pictures. =) Take care~

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