Saturday, October 06, 2007

Slept at 2++ am just now after blogging and do a little bit of my Statistic assignment. Woke up at 9am from a really bad dream. Gee~ I feel so lonely here. People are like keep judging you on how and what you are. Hell, I'm just a girl here who wants to study and wants to seek for friends. As in true friends okay?! Is it so damn wrong to be close to guys huh? Yea I'm a girl who are very close to guys friends. So? Is there any problem there? I'm just myself.. I'm close to guys too in Miri. Can you all get that?!

Friends are not to be use and I'm just not using any of my friends okay?! Gee~ I'm just so freaking mad now. Freaking frustrated too. Can anyone really understands how and what am I feeling now? Assignments, exams, relationships!!! Everything just keep coming and coming and I'm handling it all alone!! Gee!!!

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