September Birthdays

Sunday, September 09, 2007

The month of September. One thing about it, September is the day where friends will getting almost bankrupt due to TOO MANY friends birthday on this month~

So, to save my energy and time, this post is to wish all the September birthday-ers HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! A very Happy Birthday to....

On the 1st, Grace

9th, which is today, How Boy~

11th, Jessica

14th, good buddy, JJK

15th, Ling Weng...

..and also my koko, Jeremy

17th, to Ah Chen...

..and also my cuzzie, Wen

18th, my cuzzie, Jeremy

21st, yours truly and also... Mdm Lee too!!

22nd, my lil bro, Ah Pek

25th, the yellow BraW

29th, the cute Kai Li...

... and also Wang Huat

30th, Min San

There's more actually. But eventually I forgot some already. =) Haha~ Sorry for that ya~ Here wish everyone who's September birthday-ers a very Happy Birthday~ This is our month!!! Gotta enjoy it~ =)

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